Buck Scalise

Never-Jordan RINO Ken Buck Got Evicted From Colorado Office Over Vote

Actions have consequences. Unfortunately, the actions of the UniParty Swamp to block Congressman Jim Jordan from becoming Speaker of the House were clearly not enough to dissuade them. Jordan has been removed from being the party’s choice for the gavel.

While this is a sad day for America First patriots, we can take a bit of solace in knowing that some of our fellow conservatives are taking action when they can to punish anti-American RINOs. Congressman Ken Buck was evicted from his office in Colorado because he refused to support the most popular Congressman on Capitol Hill.

According to The Western Journal:

GOP Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado said he has received a notice of eviction because he refused to support Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid to become speaker of the House.

Buck appeared on NBC News’ “Meet the Press Now” on Thursday to talk about the response to his stance.

“So far I’ve had four death threats,” he said. “I’ve been evicted from my office in Colorado — I have a notice of eviction because the landlord is mad with my voting record on the speaker issue.”

Buck added that “everybody in the conference is getting this.”

Will the UniParty Swamp allow Byron Donalds to be the first Black Speaker of the House or will they try to force another RINO down our throats? We won’t find out until Monday because they just took the weekend off.