Jim Jordan

Jordan OUT as Speaker Candidate

Publicly, only 20 RINOs in the House of Representatives had the guts to openly vote against Jim Jordan. Behind closed doors with a secret ballot, 112 voted against him. This is all you need to know in order to draw the conclusion that our GOP “representatives” in Congress are generally worthless, feckless, and anti-American.

Liberty-minded Republican Congressman Thomas Massie lamented the action by his conference:

Jim Jordan gave it his all.

He was the best Speaker candidate to reform Congress’s spending addiction that’s been bankrupting our country.

But sadly today the GOP conference met privately and ended his candidacy by a vote of 112 to 86.

I would have voted 1000 rounds for Jim.

This should make every America First patriot angry. To be clear, Jordan would not be in my top-10 list of current members of Congress to be speaker and he probably wouldn’t crack my top-20 if we included those outside of the House. But he is the best viable option we’ve been offered to carry the gavel in decades because he’s not built from the same material as people like Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, or John Boehner. Even with his flaws, he’s far better than the others who have represented the GOP in the House.

This falls squarely on Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise for being conniving traitors, the 20 RINOs whose careers should end as soon as possible, and the 112 weaklings who have ignored the will of their Republican voters who overwhelmingly supported Jordan.

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