Byron Donalds

Byron Donalds Enters the Ring — First Black Speaker of the House?

Congressman Jim Jordan had a UniParty Swamp problem. He wasn’t quite “establishment” enough for the RINOs who run the House of Representatives to get the necessary votes to be Speaker of the House. He also had a Matt Gaetz problem. Too many America-Last Congressman hate Gaetz, so they took out their frustrations on Jordan.

Now, Congressman Byron Donalds hopes to achieve what Jordan could not. He has officially entered the race to be Speaker.

While arguably not as conservative as Jordan, he’s still a MAGA warrior. His biggest mistake was backing McCarthy’s continuing resolution, but that may end up helping to endear him to enough of the RINOs to get him the gavel.

As Javier Manjarres noted at Floridian Press before Donalds made it official:

After Rep. Jim Jordan failed to get the votes needed to become Speaker of the House, Rep. Byron Donalds (R) could be moments away from announcing his candidacy for Speaker.

“I don’t know when,” said Rep. Donalds when The Floridian asked him when he would enter the Speaker’s race Rep. Donald said that he would wait to see what happened with Rep. Jordan’s candidacy.

For weeks, Donalds has been weighing out his options, and just taking a wait-and-see position.

Now Rep. Cory Mills (R), who has a close relationship with Donalds, has stated his support for Donalds.

It will be interesting to watch all of the Democrats vote against the first Black Speaker of the House. It will be equally interesting to see if any Republicans are willing deny him.