Vindicated_ No Charges Against Allen West's Wife After Toxicology Report Comes Back 100% Clean

Vindicated: No Charges Against Allen West’s Wife After Toxicology Report Comes Back 100% Clean

Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West delivered good news today for his campaign, but more importantly for the honor of his wife, Angela. The toxicology report filed following her arrest for DWI demonstrates her blood was completely clean with no traces of alcohol or drugs in her system at the time of her arrest.

We covered not only the arrest but also the way mainstream media went after West immediately. They failed to acknowledge that West demonstrated his wife had not been drinking, a fact backed up by her quick release.

According to a press release by West’s campaign:

Garland, TX, September 1, 2021 — The arrest of Dr. Angela West has been proven unwarranted and baseless beyond a shadow of a doubt by the Dallas Police Department’s toxicology report showing no narcotics or alcohol in her system. Her good name being dragged through the mud as well as the trauma of spending a night in Dallas County jail was completely unnecessary and avoidable. An apology is owed to her and her grandson by the DPD.

Texas gubernatorial candidate Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West had this to say on the matter:

“I stand by my assertion that a full apology to my wife Angela is warranted. As well, the full unedited body cam video should be released by the Dallas PD Chief Garcia to the press and the public. My wife’s honor and reputation should have never been assailed.”

Once Governor, West will fight as hard for the rights of every Texan as he did for his wife.

Here is the letter released by the West’s attorney, George R. Milner, III:

Angela West Letter

A video of the arrest was released, clearly demonstrating Angela West was not intoxicated when she was arrested. This drew speculation that it was possibly a political hit job, but West has thus far not entertained such speculation. He is calling for an apology and continues to “Back the Blue” despite the poor treatment his wife received from a single group of law enforcement officers.

Allen West is the best chance for Texas to be reinvigorated with the conservative values and governance that were once indicative of the Lone Star State. With his wife vindicated, he can return to the campaign trail without distractions.