Matt Walsh Delivers 'Subtle' Warning to Baby Killers

Matt Walsh Delivers ‘Subtle’ Warning to Baby Killers

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is known for nuance and subtly. He often skirts the issues rather than addressing them head on. His rhetoric is indirect and polite, rarely intended to offend anyone who might read or hear it.

Anyone who knows Walsh realizes that I’m being sarcastic. Walsh is a firebrand who directly and aggressive attacks issues with the subtly of hungry honey badger. Case-in-Point: His warning to the abortion industry:

“Yes, we’re coming for your abortion rights. We want to burn the whole industry and leave it in ashes. The tide is turning against you. We are stronger today than we’ve been in years. I’m happy that we scare you. We speak for the children you wish to slaughter. We will be heard.”

This is precisely the type of fire we need to light in America today. The pro-abortion industry has become complacent, feeling that they’ve won most of the ideological battle with an alarming number of Americans supporting a “woman’s right to choose.” They have gaslighted those who rightly declare the scientific, religious, and moral data surrounding abortions unambiguously points to pre-born babies being humans who have rights.

Now is not the time for subtly or nuance. It’s time for in-your-face activism and bold legislation. The abortionists will sue. Let them. Our best chance of ending the scourge of abortion in America is by taking it to the Supreme Court and making our case.