Media Loudly Reports Allen West's Wife 'Arrested for DWI With Child in Car,' but Buries One Important Fact

Media Loudly Reports Allen West’s Wife ‘Arrested for DWI With Child in Car,’ but Buries One Important Fact

Former Congressman and Texas GOP Allen West has always had a contentious relationship with the press. Leftwing media tends to despise his pro-America, pro-freedom attitude even more than they dislike most Republicans. He’s a patriot and a conservative who is running against a RINO, Greg Abbott, for governor of Texas. That means he’s a target.

Mainstream media went even lower than usual when reporting on West yesterday and today. Reports that his wife was arrested for a DWI with children in her car was a bombshell that was simply too juicy for them to pass up. But while they generally highlighted the sordid details in their headlines and first few paragraphs, most buried near the bottom the most important fact in the case. Some omitted the fact altogether.

As it turned out, Angela West had not been drinking. According to her husband, she passed her breathalyzer but was arrested anyway based on suspicions of the arresting officer. She was released from Lew Sterrett Justice Center after submitting to a blood test to prove her innocence.

CBS DFW chose the inflammatory headline, “Gov. Candidate Allen West’s Wife, Angela, Arrested For DWI With Child In Car.” They didn’t mention that she wasn’t drunk until the very bottom of the article. Sadly, this was one of the least deceptive of the reports that have been coming from the press this weekend.

West updated us by showing the receipt for his wife’s dinner that night. She drank lemonade with no alcoholic beverages.

Despite Angela West being the victim in this situation, mainstream media’s painting her as a drunk driver who endangered children. America’s fake news outlets continue to lower their own bar.