Rand Paul Makes Solid Case Against Voting by Mail Without an ID

Let’s call it what it is upfront. The Democrats’ plan for universal mail-in voting without identification is a ploy to establish permanent rule for the left across the nation. They will do this the same way they stole the 2020 election: By cheating.

Senator Rand Paul is far more diplomatic than I am. He made his case against the Democrats by highlighting logical points during an interview Sunday morning:

“One side, now though, wants to have everybody vote by mail without an ID,” he said. “I think that’s a problem. And they want to have it done out of Washington. Believe me, nothing really good comes out of Washington. You’d much rather have it at your local and state level.”

If Democrats ever pass their beloved universal mail-in voting scheme, the country will be lost forever. It would take a revolution to pry the power they’d accumulate from their hands.