NIH Fauci Redacted

Guilt by Redaction: Ludicrous FOIA Release by NIH Shows Wuhan Virus Complicity MUCH BIGGER Than Most Realize

The National Institutes of Health and their evil leaders like Anthony Fauci were directly involved with the development of Covid-19. There is absolutely no other explanation for the organization’s fake “fulfillment” of a Freedom of Information Act release to The Intercept last week.

They were obligated to release documents from a 2020 request that detailed what they know about the origins of the Wuhan Flu. Their latest release of 314 pages is an insult to the American people and a clear admission of direct involvement in creating Covid-19. I’m not basing that on what was said in the documents. I’m basing that assertion on what we did NOT see.

292 of the 314 pages were fully redacted.

These are supposed to be medical and scientific documents. They’re not part of the national security apparatus. There are no military plans or intelligence assets listed in the NIH release. This blatant cover-up is designed to keep people like Fauci from being implicated in the creation of Covid-19. That’s it. There is no other viable possibility for redacting so much in a document that pertains to origins of the coronavirus.

In other words, they don’t want anyone to know that Covid-19 was designed in a partnership between the NIH and the Chinese Communist Party. And while The Intercept still has to play nice with the various government agencies, we don’t, which is why we can state the obvious.

According to The Intercept:

Communications received by The Intercept in December provided insight into the agency’s ongoing and largely unsuccessful efforts to obtain records pertaining to the biosafety of the work conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And another grant proposal from EcoHealth Alliance that we received from the NIH clarified the extent to which ongoing work now funded by the U.S. government is similar to the work under the now-suspended bat coronavirus grant that has raised so many biosafety red flags and questions. We also learned that in 2020 the FBI sought documents related to the U.S.-funded coronavirus research in Wuhan.

But the most recent batch of documents, which the NIH sent The Intercept on Tuesday, underscores an ongoing lack of transparency at the agency. Even as members of Congress and scientists call for additional information that could shed light on the origins of the pandemic, 292 of 314 pages — more than 90 percent of the current release — were completely redacted. Besides a big gray rectangle that obscures any meaningful text, the pages show only a date, page number, and the NIAID logo. The remaining pages also contain significant redactions.

Even when the redactions are technically justifiable under the Freedom of Information Act, public agencies typically have the discretion to release documents anyway. In this inquiry, which could help us understand the how this pandemic began — and how we might avoid future outbreaks — the presumption should be to give the public as much as information as possible, not the least.

This is an insult to our intelligence, but more importantly it’s a cover-up to keep important people in our government out of jail. What’s worse is that there are still over 14,000 pages of documents still to be “released,” though if they’re going to redact over 90% of it then there’s really no point.

FOIA isn’t going to get us to the bottom of this one. The NIH has made that clear. We need whistleblowers and investigations following the tracks of people like Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance villain Peter Daszak if we’re ever going to know the truth.