Absolute Tyranny

“Welcome to Absolute Tyranny”: Cafe Refuses to Let Ottawa Police in so They Threatened to Break Through the Door

The most feared people in the city of Ottawa are not the Freedom Convoy protesters. Despite what corporate media has been saying, actual residents and business owners in Ottawa are scared of the police as their fascist tactics continue to spread on social media.

In a video that’s starting to go viral, Ottawa Police officers can be seen threatening the owner of Iconic Cafe in downtown. They wanted the door open so they could enter and perform an “inspection,” but the cafe owner refused. Instead, he closed the store, but that wasn’t enough for the fascists. They wanted entry and threatened to break through the glass door if it wasn’t opened immediately.

As the person shooting the video noted, “Welcome to absolute tyranny.”

For this type of tyranny to be acceptable to anyone in western society is insane. It doesn’t matter which side of the vaccine mandate argument someone is on. The Ottawa police state will not end until the people stand up to it.