Hey Seth Rogen, Is This Normal

Hey Seth Rogen, Is This Normal?

Los Angeles has become a hellhole run by criminals, and I’m not just talking about the Democrats who “lead” the city. The crime spree that actor Seth Rogen downplayed last week by saying, “it’s called living in a big city,” has sent residents (other than Hollywood elites) into a state of panic. Business owners in particular have been going to extreme measures to protect their property, including boarding up their shops and hiring expensive armed security guards.

A video popped up on Twitter this morning that demonstrates what life is like for many in this particular big city. Ian Miles Cheong followed up the video with a question for Rogen:

While the left continues to either deny the surge in property crime that in many cases leads to violence, few who are affected by the surging crime are as nonchalant about it. That’s how surges like this work. Politicians responsible for the carnage downplay their role in it while victims point their fingers squarely at the culprits in city hall and the mayor’s office.

Meanwhile, the White House seems content to blame it all on a completely separate issue: Covid-19.

It’s easier to get a house plant to sing a Beatles song than to get a radical leftist to admit the policies they support cause tremendous harm. Thankfully, few big cities are seeing the same level of leftist policy failure as Los Angeles.