Roger Stone Reveals to Tucker Carlson How the Secret Service Tried to Set Him Up on January 6

BOMBSHELL: Roger Stone Reveals to Tucker Carlson How the Secret Service Tried to Set Him Up on January 6

If one were to take a look at just a few of the revelations that have come out regarding the January 6 trespassing of the Capitol Building, it would be easy to conclude the entire thing was a setup perpetrated by the Deep State, Washington DC leaders, and Nancy Pelosi. But we haven’t seen just a few of these revelations. We’ve seen mountains of evidence that this event was designed to prompt a series of actions that could be classified by mainstream media and Democrats as an “insurrection.”

It was a trap, plain and simple, and now we’re learning that the powers-that-be wanted to capture a whole lot more people than the ones they got.

The latest bombshell comes from Roger Stone. Appearing on Tucker Carlson Today, Stone said the Secret Service tried to “escort” him to the Capitol Building. He declined, but noted how conspicuous the timing was. Had he gone when they requested, he would have arrived just in time to be attached to the moment people started entering the building.

“I think I was being set up. I mean, here’s the amazing thing, and that is I watched the President’s speech from my hotel room at the Willard Hotel, and then there was a call on the house phone and two agents from the Secret Service wanted to escort me to the Capitol. Now, I’ve been in politics for a long time. Secret Service doesn’t do political chores. They never have. I would have gotten there had I left at that moment at the exact time that these folks broke into the Capitol. Now I know that my friends, Alex Jones and Ali Alexander, are approached by the Secret Service and asked if they want an escort to the Capitol at the same time.”

It wasn’t just Stone, as he noted. The Secret Service also tried to get Alex Jones and Ali Alexander to the event at the opportune moment. Jones went with them, but only after a “bathroom break” that Stone claims actually saved Jones from being framed. Since he arrived late, he instead took to a bullhorn and called on people to turn back and not to enter.

For months, we’ve speculated the January 6 events were orchestrated by enemies of Donald Trump. We’ve recently come to the conclusion that this wasn’t just about going after Trump himself but also his supporters. This was a “false flag” operation that must be recognized as a direct attack against America.

They weren’t trying to take down a president. They were trying to take control of a nation.

Stone feels he was divinely protected along with others. These coordinated events were intended to drag as many patriots down as possible, and while it seems like they were extremely successful based on the many who have been or are currently incarcerated for their participation, the Deep State’s goal was to take down a whole lot more.

These events have had a cooling effect on some patriots. Now that we know the Deep State is trying to instigate false flag incidents at patriot events, many of us have “outsmarted” them by not going to such events. But isn’t that at least part of the goal of the Deep State? If entrapping people is their primary desire, minimizing attendance at such events would be a consolation prize. They feel like they get a big or little victory either way.

It’s time to stand up to the bullies or they’re going to keep doing it. Watching and sharing Stone’s bombshell is a good step, but we need even more truth to come out. They are acting with impunity. That needs to change.