Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff Robbed Ahead of Campaign Event in San Fransicko

Editor’s Commentary: Democrat politicians have been learning in recent years that the criminals their policies breed do not check party affiliation when picking their victims. Congressman Adam Schiff is the latest to be met with crime that is made possible by his party’s lawless stances. Here’s the report….

California Senate candidate and Representative Adam Schiff had a memorable visit to San Francisco on Thursday. Just hours before a high-profile campaign dinner, thieves broke into his car, which was parked in a downtown parking garage, and made off with his bags. Despite this setback, Schiff attended the event in a casual hiking vest and shirt sleeves, standing out among the formally dressed attendees.

The dinner, hosted by attorney Joe Cotchett in support of Schiff’s bid to replace the late Dianne Feinstein in the U.S. Senate, took an unexpected turn. As Schiff thanked Cotchett for his support, the attorney’s press agent, Lee Houskeeper, humorously remarked, “I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco.’”

Schiff’s experience comes on the heels of another incident involving a public figure in the Bay Area. San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan’s security guard was assaulted in downtown San Jose earlier in the week. The San Jose Police Department is currently investigating the motive and circumstances surrounding the altercation.

In response to the city’s crime issues, San Francisco Mayor London Breed is proposing initiatives to address the notorious issues of high crime, homelessness, and public drug use in certain areas of the city.

Article generated from corporate media reports.