'Fully-Vaccinated' Daily Wire Reporter Gets Covid for the Third Time

‘Fully-Vaccinated’ Daily Wire Reporter Gets Covid for the Third Time

Reporting on Covid-19 and the so-called “vaccines” is getting easier every day. As more people get vaccinated, there is no shortage of noteworthy breakthrough cases, adverse reactions, and generally bad news for those who have been jabbed. I don’t write that with any joy as an unvaccinated American. I’m just noting that from a journalistic perspective, the stories lately tend to write themselves.

The latest example comes from Tennessee where a reporter for the Daily Wire has become ill with Covid-19 for the third time despite being fully-vaccinated. Education reporter Chrissy Clark posted a little about her current situation on Twitter yesterday.

She continues to have stories posted on the conservative news site despite being hospitalized. We’ve reached out to Clark for comment and an update on her status.

The Biden-Harris regime announced yesterday that they were enacting a Medical Dictatorship over the country. All federal employees will need to be jabbed. All companies that have 100 employees or more will also need to require proof of vaccination or weekly proof of negative tests for all employees in order to stay in business. As I noted earlier, it’s the pathway to slavery as the Biden-Harris regime tries to turn us into the new Soviet Union.

The Daily Wire announced yesterday that despite having over 100 employees, they will fight the mandates:

Clark’s story is becoming all-too common. Some doctors have speculated the nature of the various Covid-19 variants, most notably the “Delta” and “Mu” variants, may make them spread more easily among the vaccinated. Suppression of natural immunity has always been a challenge with many vaccines, but the Covid-19 “vaccines” act more like treatments than anything else. Rather than using dead or weakened versions of viruses as every previously approved vaccine has done, the Covid-19 vaccines either use mRNA enhancements to trick the body to create and then attack spike proteins, or the spike proteins are introduced through fake versions of a different virus.

This is why the definition of “vaccination” according to the CDC was changed in 2021.

Chrissy Clark’s story is not unique. It’s becoming more common every day to hear of people who should be fully protected through a combination of vaccines and natural immunity, but who succumb to the disease anyway. It’s making many start to wonder what benefits the injections offer at all.

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