Gavin Newsom

Dave Rubin Details Horrible Process Voting Gruesome Newsom Out and Larry Elder In, But One Thing was Conspicuously Easy

The California recall election to take down the state’s elitist dictator, Gavin Newsom, is in full swing. Election Day is next Tuesday, but voters and cheaters are already getting their ballots in via mail and in-person voting stations.

Classical liberal and podcaster Dave Rubin went to vote today and his experience was horrible. His ballot was rejected by the voting machine four times, then voided altogether. On his second attempt, he was finally able to vote “Yes” on the recall and selected frontrunner Larry Elder as Newsom’s replacement. Even this was challenging, though, as he had to press “More” EIGHT TIMES before even being able to select Elder.

But hey, at least he didn’t have to show ID. In fact, anyone could have come in claiming to be Dave Rubin and voted instead. Here’s Rubin’s report:

The system is set up by the California Department of State to favor Newsom in every possible way. Democrats in Sacramento are terrified that their horribly unpopular leading man cannot even win in their deep blue leftist utopia. Skyrocketing crime and plummeting financial conditions have disenfranchised many Democrat voters, particularly persons of color who are struggling to survive while Newsom enjoys swanky dinners mask-free at The French Laundry.

Californians should pay attention to the experience Dave Rubin had while voting for Larry Elder. Democrats are attempting to tilt the recall in favor of Gavin Newsom and they’re using every dirty trick in the book to protect him.