Our Medical Dictatorship Will Make Us Slaves on Our Path to Becoming the New Soviet Union

Biden’s Medical Dictatorship Will Make Us Slaves on Our Path to Becoming the New Soviet Union

Social media was flooded yesterday with hot takes, cold takes, and lukewarm takes about Joe Biden’s speech announcing America’s new medical dictatorship. People promised to quit their jobs, protest, file lawsuits, and otherwise object to the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” being pushed by the Biden-Harris regime.

Two Tweets by conservative commentators caught my attention. The first was by Tanya Tay Posobiec, who posted, “This is how they started in USSR. They always tell you it is for the national protection and safety of the people. The same exact thing they always say. What are you doing America?”

It isn’t just the Soviet Union that started with promises of protecting the people against something. Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Fidel Castro’s Cuban regime all began by telling people they needed to willingly hand over some of their rights in order to bring about safety and security. Those who didn’t willingly hand over their rights saw those rights taken from them, oftentimes accompanied by their lives.

It’s hard for many Americans to imagine such things happening in the United States. We’ve enjoyed prosperity and a decent amount of freedoms for most of our lives. Many seem to believe the new Medical Dictatorship is just temporary and things will go back to normal when Covid-19 is defeated. This is a ludicrous thought, and not just because Covid-19 will likely never be defeated any more than the flu or the common cold have been defeated. The biggest reason we know this is not temporary is because history has told us it’s NEVER temporary.

Once authoritarians grab their authority at the cost of freedom, they do not relinquish it without a serious fight. This tells us we really are on our way to becoming the USSR, as Posobiec noted.

The second Tweet that caught my attention invoked a thought that too few are realizing. Candace Owens posted, “The government mandating chemicals into your body against your will makes you a slave. I am not a slave and therefore under no circumstances will I allow that vaccine into my arm.”

It seems most Americans do not understand what’s happening with the “vaccines.” They are not working, and that seems to be by design. Big Pharma is notorious for creating “solutions” that require perpetuity in order to “work.” This is why we’re already talking about booster shots mere months after the injections were released. It’s why they will continue moving the goalpost to a second round of boosters, then a third. It’s why they will start with yearly, then biannual, then quarterly, then monthly “boosters.” It’s why they’re even working on daily pills.

Covid-19 represents the greatest money-printing scam Big Pharma has ever seen. And as everyone should know, Big Pharma exerts tremendous control over government at all levels, as well as mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and our medical system. They call the shots (pun intended) and their deep pockets mean all the right people are getting paid.

Slavery is often associated with whips and chains. But there’s slavery to systems that must be considered, and the Covid-19 system is quickly becoming a mechanism for universal slavery. If they have something we supposedly need or that they require, then they have control over many other aspects of our lives. We are already seeing this with vaccine passports. Imagine a society in which access to basic needs like food and shelter are contingent on injection status. Imagine that status being a moving target; in Israel the Green Pass is already shifting to only be valid with a booster shot, and they’re talking about a fourth booster coming soon.

One does not have to be unvaccinated to recognize this is far beyond a slippery slope. It’s a cliff, and once we take that step over the edge we’ll be in freefall. We must recognize that this Medical Dictatorship means slavery and the only way to ensure it is maintained is if the authoritarians enact the same policies that enveloped Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, and the Soviet Union.

Will we be slaves to the vaccine system? That seems to be the preference of the ignorant and the weak in this nation. Those who recognize what’s happening and have the courage to stand against it must do so immediately.