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Disgusting DNA Denying Insanity: BBC Reports Boy Raped by Two “Women”

The absolute refusal by corporate media to address trans-supremacy makes reading their stories nearly impossible without an understanding of how wokeness has destroyed them. The latest media debacle came from a heartbreaking story of a teen boy in a small town in West Sussex, England, who was raped, beaten, and left naked on a wooded area.

According to the report, two “women,” including one who is 6’3″ tall, attacked the boy. At no point in the story does it even acknowledge that these were actually men pretending to be women because in our post-truth society, gender identity supersedes scientific reality.

As TexasLindsay noted on Twitter, corporate media is always careful to never offend rapists if they’re transvestites:

Two adult men dressed as women raped a minor (a boy). One assailant was 6’3” wearing air Jordan’s and the other was 5’9” likely wearing a blonde wig. BBC decided it was more important to not offend the rapists than to accurately describe the attackers.

Here’s the BBC‘s inaccurate article:

Boy left unclothed after Burgess Hill sexual assault by two women

A teenage boy who was sexually assaulted by two women woke up with his clothes removed and injuries to his head and body, Sussex Police have said. The 15-year-old was walking along Cants Lane in Burgess Hill before heading through a wooded area towards World’s End at about 18:15 BST on 4 June. He was assaulted and woke up on the floor, police said.

Both women were between 18 and 20 years old, one being 6ft 3in (1.9m) tall and with bright dyed red hair. She was wearing blue shorts and black crop top with pink Air Jordan trainers, and had glasses, a police spokesman said. The other was about 5ft 9in (1.75m) tall with long white blonde hair and spoke with a Merseyside accent. Anyone who recognises the descriptions or saw anything suspicious in the area is asked to contact Sussex Police.

It wasn’t too long ago when corporate media at least had the decency to denote a criminal was a “biological male.” They won’t even risk offending the woke crowd with such important information anymore.

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