Seattle RV Homeless

Americans Living in RVs Are Going to WAR With Major League Baseball and Democrat Hellhole Seattle

The homeless community in Seattle are done with being shuffled around for the sake of optics. They are organizing to make their presence felt during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game at T-Mobile Park on July 11.

Curse-laden flyers were circulating among the people on the street calling for an “RV Park-In” starting Monday and into the day of the big game on Tuesday.

The flyer reads, “When the tailgaters and rich a–holes show up for the big game they’re going to find exactly what the city worked so hard to prevent: US!”

Seattle has battled homelessness with massive infusions of taxpayer dollars in recent years, but the radical leftist policies they’ve initiated have failed miserably. Instead, they continuously play a shell game, shuffling people off the streets and out of tents. Those living in RVs are moved around to different parking lots to keep them invisible from publicity.

The RVers’ plan is actually a good one that aligns with city ordinances. Vehicles must be parked in the same area for 72 hours before being compelled to move.

As the flyer notes, “We show up inside of 72 hours, they can’t really complain that we’re there. And when all is said and done, you’ll get first shot at newly opened parking, right now. All major SoDo no parking zones expire until July 11.”

There will even be snacks and coffee made available.

As with all major Democrat-run cities, Seattle spends huge budgets to hide problems rather than address them