Mark Levin

Mark Levin Burns Tar-Gay for Refusing to Carry His New Book Because Democrats Will Be Offended by the Title

After having their sales decimated following their indoctrination attempts during pervert “pride” month, Target appears to have given up on selling to patriotic Americans. Democrats are their customer base now and the last thing they need to do is offend them.

That’s their story according to conservative commentator Mark Levin. His book, aptly titled “The Democrat Party Hates America,” is being sold just about everywhere other than Target. Even woke companies like Amazon and Walmart know a bestseller when they see it.

According to The Blaze:

Many on social media pointed out the hypocrisy of Target allowing merchandise into its stores with extremist messages supporting the transgender agenda while refusing a conservative book with merely a provocative title. Some had already previously called for a boycott against the store over its support of the far-left agenda.

Levin says the book is intended to lay out the sinister history of the Democratic Party and call on Americans to reject and dismantle the organization.

“If we are going to save this country, and I truly mean it, the Democrat Party must not just be defeated, it must be obliterated,” said Levin about his book.

Levin responded on his Fox News show as well as on Twitter:

Target will not carry THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HATES AMERICA because it might offend Democrats. Pathetic. You can go to and order directly, without going through Democrat-Party corporatists. I want to thank Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Books-A- Million for order copies upon the book’s release.

If you needed another reason to never shop at Target again, this is it.