ANOTHER 'Fully-Vaccinated' NFL Coach Falls to Covid

ANOTHER ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ NFL Coach Falls to Covid

Those “vaccines” the NFL (and pretty much everyone else) is pushing so hard took another hit as another coach has been sidelined with a positive Covid-19 test.

Earlier this week, we reported on Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Frank Reich getting the bad news. Now, Los Angeles Rams offensive line coach Kevin Carberry has tested positive.

Here’s the report from NBC News. Notice their very first sentence is their obligatory “nothing to see here, the vaccines totally work, y’all” lead-in:

Plenty of vaccinated players and staff will still test positive for COVID in 2021, even if vaccinated. In L.A., Rams offensive line coach Kevin Carberry currently falls in that category.

Rams coach Sean McVay told reporters on Wednesday that Carberry was absent from practice due to the positive result.

“He has got COVID right now and we’re going to try to see how quickly we can get him back,” McVay said. “But he’s fully vaccinated, and we’re hopeful to get him back sooner than later.”

For vaccinated players and staff, return to action occurs after a pair of negative tests at least 24 hours apart, with no minimum absence. For unvaccinated players and staff, a mandatory 10-day break remains in place.

“I think we’re continuing to learn about this because he’s fully vaccinated,” McVay said of Carberry. “He has done everything the right way. The good thing is with the parameters around the protocols, if he’s got two negative tests within 24 hours separated, then you can end up returning. And we’re hopeful that that’ll be sooner than later. But you got guys like [offensive assistant] Nick Jones, [offensive assistant] Zak Kromer, have done a great job. We always collaborate as a coaching staff, so we’ve got a lot of great coaches that will pick up the slack. The good thing is what we learned from last year, he can still run a lot of the meetings from a virtual setting. There’s nothing like being physically present with guys, but he’s done an excellent job being able to adjust accordingly.”

The draconian rules in place for makes the NFL one of the most segregated places to work for unvaccinated players and staff. But they’re quickly becoming the norm as more companies, including other sports leagues, adopt similar protocols. Some have gone so far as to begin completely purging the unvaccinated. As the NY Post reports, New York real estate empire Durst Organization is giving the unvaccinated their notices:

The Durst Organization has a tough message for the hundreds of its non-union employees in its corporate offices: Get vaccinated or get fired.

The family-run, New York real estate empire expects its corporate employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sept. 6, or they will be “separated from the company,” a spokesman confirmed to The Post.

Employees with a medical or religious objection to the jab will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may receive an “accommodation,” spokesman Jordan Barowitz added.

The policy was communicated to the company’s 350 corporate employees in June, Barowitz said, and was “driven by the wishes of the employees who want to work in a safer environment.”

As I’ve said many times in the past, it’s time for anyone who isn’t vaccinated to secure employment or revenue from organizations that have not embraced vaccine-hysteria. Sadly, the list is growing shorter every day.