New 'Woke' Policing Rules in Washington Prevent Sheriffs from Tracking Murder Suspect

New ‘Woke’ Policing Rules in Washington Prevent Sheriffs from Tracking Murder Suspect

The future of policing in the woke utopia of Pierce County, Washington, was on full display last night when someone was murdered in a Kohl’s parking lot in Puyallop.

It started off as a standard investigation. Multiple people reported shots fired. Law enforcement arrived at the scene to find a murder victim on the ground. Witnesses gave descriptions of the alleged assailant. A K-9 unit quickly arrived to begin tracking the suspect. But then, new “woke” policing rules brought it all to a screeching halt.

Here’s the report from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Facebook page [emphasis added]:

Homicide in Puyallup at Kohl’s Parking Lot
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
At 10:20 pm on 07-28-2021, several people called 911 to report shots being fired at the Kohl’s parking lot at 16918 Meridian E. Deputies started responding and then were updated by dispatchers that there was a male lying on the ground. When deputies arrived on scene they found a young male deceased in the north side of the parking lot.

Several people reported seeing a male in a black shirt and black pants running from the shooting and deputies checked the area to see if they could locate anyone matching the description. A K9 officer was on scene within minutes, but because probable cause had not been developed for a particular individual, they decided not to track for the possible suspect since they could not use force to detain him.

The scene has been secured and detectives and forensic investigators will be searching for evidence. If anyone has information on this shooting please call the Sheriff’s Department.

It’s like some dystopian novel in which the criminals are in charge. They’re laughing at us, knowing that the Neo-Marxists among the various government offices throughout Washington state have declawed, handcuffed, and otherwise completely obstructed law enforcement from being able to enforce the law.

If you still think the laws being passed in states like Washington by Black Lives Matter operatives in government have anything to do with systemic racism, you’re a fool. This is about keeping as many criminals on the streets as possible to help take down this nation.