'Totally Vaccinated' Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Tests Positive for Covid-19

‘Totally Vaccinated’ Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Tests Positive for Covid-19

“The vaccines are safe and effective!”

We hear variations of that phrase as a constant drumbeat from government, Big Tech, mainstream media, and the multitudes of vaccine-pushers whenever they’re in our vicinity. But we know the vaccines are far from safe and snake oil salesmen of old are doing backflips in their graves over the so-called “vaccine efficacy.”

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich is the latest example of a high-profile, fully-vaccinated American to test positive for Covid-19. These “breakthrough cases” are growing so numerous, mainstream media is having its busiest season just trying to torture the numbers to show these cases are rare. They’re not. They keep happening, so the narrative has been quickly shifting to claims that the vaccines reduce the symptoms of the disease and do not do much to protect someone from getting infected.

First, that’s not the purpose of vaccines. They’re supposed to prevent illness, not mitigate damage. Second, there have been treatments that are far more effective than the vaccines at mitigating symptoms, but those treatments have been suppressed for the sake of the vaccine agenda. Third, it’s easy to mitigate symptoms on a disease with a 99.97% recovery rate for otherwise health people under the age of 50.

Nevertheless, the Colts and Reich are playing along with the NFL’s draconian rules.

Everyone has a breaking point when it comes to seeing the truth about these “vaccines.” Unfortunately, it seems a majority of Americans have not reached it yet, so we’re stuck with the pandemic kabuki dance until more people wake up.