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Yes, Your Taxpayer Dollars Were Filtered Through Ukraine, Into FTX, and Then Used to Fund Democrat Campaigns

They say we should follow the money. Some people did and it led them in one big circle that started in the Biden-Harris regime, lined pockets in Ukraine, got sent to failed crypto company FTX, and then into the coffers of Democrat campaigns and super PACs.

And yes, this is very much illegal. We covered this in part yesterday but there needs to be more context. According to The Post Millennial:

The multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency company FTX, run by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the second biggest Democrat donor right after George Soros, collapsed last week as details emerged regarding their financial practices, which led to a run by customers on FTX. FTX did not have the funds to pay out.

It was also revealed that FTX had partnered with Ukraine to process donations to their war efforts within days of Joe Biden pledging billions of American taxpayer dollars to the country. Ukraine invested into FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, and FTX then made massive donations to Democrats in the US.

An article from the cryptocurrency news website Coindesk from March 15, 2022 reported that Ukraine partnered with FTX, and that “FTX is converting crypto contributions to Ukraine’s war effort into fiat for deposit at the National Bank of Ukraine.” Fiat is the legal tender or paper money of a particular country.

Putin invaded on February 24, and by March, the Biden administration had already sent a total of $2 billion to Ukraine for security assistance. On March 16, two days after the Ukraine-FTX partnership, Biden gave another $800 million to Ukraine. As of November, the US has sent over $60 billion to Ukraine.

Bankman-Fried made donations to the Dems that totaled $39.8 million, putting him just behind George Soros and his $128 million in donations for the 2021-22 cycle. Bankman-Fried became a significant donor to Biden starting in 2020.

The numbers known so far are huge, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. This is what we KNOW happened, but we must assume knowing how Democrat politicians operate that this is just one of many money-funneling schemes being operated through Ukraine. The corrupt nation, embroiled in a war with Russia, is the perfect proxy through which the Biden-Harris regime can fund their various initiatives, including the 2022 midterm election theft, by sending them massive amounts of “aid” in exchange for kickbacks.

This is “10% for the Big Guy” on steroids. We are now aware of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars illegally laundered into the elections. The real number is likely hundreds of millions if not billions. Free and fair, these elections were not.

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