2022 Voter Fraud

The Red Tsunami Was Stopped by Massive, Widespread, Ongoing Voter Fraud

It appears Democrats are going to not only retain control of the Senate, but may pick up a seat and potentially have the power to take out the filibuster. The House, which was all but assured for Republican majorities for weeks before the election, appears to be heading toward giving razor-thin control to the GOP… and it still has a chance of remaining in Democrats’ hands.

The red tsunami didn’t materialize. Or, to be more accurate, it was stolen. That seems to be hard for many to accept as even some of the most outspoken conservative and alternative news outlets following the 2020 theft have gone silent on 2022. They’re blaming everything other than voter fraud for some reason. I’ve seen far too few outside of The Gateway Pundit, Wayne Allyn Root, and a few others in media who are discussing in public what seems to be blatantly clear, at least to me.

I posted a thread of Gab, Gettr, and Twitter explaining briefly why I am certain the 2022 election was stolen. I fought and continue to fight for the truth about the 2020 election to come out and I’m even more certain that 2022 was stolen. Yet, it appears those of us who believe that are a very tiny minority. Here’s my thread:

Why are so many people who were absolutely certain the 2020 election was stolen suddenly blind to the fact that 2022 voter fraud was even worse? Only a precious few conservative and alternative media voices are even mentioning the notion of massive, widespread voter fraud.

The gaslighting isn’t just coming from the left. It’s coming even harder from the Republican Establishment that wants to blame Trump, abortion, “bad” candidates, or anything other than a coordinated attack on our nation and our Constitution.

Florida was NOT the outlier. Florida is what happens when voter fraud is quashed and actual voters got to have their say at the ballot box without late night dumps, computer “malfunctions,” and ballot harvesting schemes at nursing homes and cemeteries.

The polls are always wrong… in favor of Democrats. This is the first time in modern history when the polls, corporate media, and everyone else predicted a red wave and it didn’t materialize. It wasn’t that everyone was wrong. It was and continues to be outright theft.

I know there’s a lot of coping involved. Believing the 2022 election was stolen would be admitting that we no longer have a say in our government. Our voices are being quashed and there are no apparent avenues of recourse. But truth is truth. Stop coping. We MUST address this.

If you truly believe Pennsylvanians are so masochistic that they’d elect a guy who can’t form a sentence to the Senate, an Attorney General who promotes crime as Governor, and a dead guy to the state legislature, then you believe Pennsylvanians are absolute morons. They are not.

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

These words have always rang true. We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis of our lives and there’s ZERO chance America rewarded the Democrats with two more years of Senate control. ZERO. They stole it and so few are uttering those words.

They called us racists so we did backflips to prove otherwise. They called us terrorists so we stopped going to school board meetings. They called us insurrectionists so we stopped going to protests. Now they call us election deniers so we’re accepting these results. I won’t.

It feels like only a tiny portion of Americans are lucid and courageous enough to acknowledge the red tsunami was stopped by ongoing voter fraud. That means a majority of people are gullible, feckless, stupid, or a combination of the three. If that offends you, I’m not sorry.

The only for this nation, Lord willing, is that the same thing that happened with the jabs happens with voter fraud. It took far too long but people are finally waking up to the risks of the jabs. Maybe someday they’ll wake up and realize elections are being stolen from us too.

We are already being told to “move on” and the votes haven’t even been fully counted yet. This is worse than the 2020 steal because it affected dozens of states, not just 7 or 8 swing states. I won’t be moving on anytime soon.

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