Yang Concedes, Sliwa Cruises to Easy Win for GOP Nomination in NYC

Yang Concedes, Sliwa Cruises to Easy Win for GOP Nomination in NYC

Andrew Yang was supposed to be the next Mayor of New York City. That’s what all of the “woke” pundits were saying just a couple of months ago. But the tech millionaire’s fortunes spun on a dime, as is often the case for Democrats, and it appears Yang may end up finishing in fourth place in the Democratic primary.

“I am a numbers guy, I am someone who traffics in what’s happening by the numbers, and I am not going to be the next mayor of New York City — based upon the numbers that have come in tonight,” he told his supporters.

Meanwhile, firebrand Republican Curtis Sliwa handily defeated Fernando Mateo for the GOP nod to be the sacrificial lamb in the extremely blue city. He will likely face Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on the Democrat side, though the new “instant runoff” system in New York City will be tested. According to NBC News:

Adams had roughly 31 percent of the vote. Civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley was at 22 percent, while the city’s former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia was close behind, with about 21 percent.

Yang was the early front-runner but has slipped in the polls and been replaced by Adams, a former New York Police Department captain.

It will take a major scandal for Sliwa to defeat Adams or whoever the Democratic nominee is. Rudy Giuliani was the last true Republican Mayor (we don’t count Michael Bloomberg who was Republican turned Independent turned Democrat turned Full-Blown Socialist) in the city, but those were different times. The Big Apple is as leftwing as it gets, challenging cities like San Francisco and Seattle on the wokeness scale.

Yang’s fall is indicative of a party that does not know who to embrace at any given moment. Candidates get canceled, like Bernie Sanders did. Twice. They fall from grace as Joe Biden did before miraculously being installed as Democratic nominee for president. Yang suffered a bit of both as his message failed to resonate with the right audience, an audience that is constantly changing its preferred tune.

According to the New York Post:

A victorious Sliwa stepped up to the podium at the Empire Steakhouse in Midtown to chants of “Curtis! Curtis!” surrounded by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and supermarket mogul and 77 WABC owner John Catsimatidis.

“Ladies and gentleman, we have just won the Republican Party in an overwhelming way,” Sliwa said

“It was a long period of time that took going door to door, street by street, subway station by subway station, and spreading the word. It could never have happened had it not been for John and Margo Catismidatis. And to Rudy Guliani, who endorsed me along with other major Republicans all over this city,” he said.

With the city in ruins following disastrous “leadership” from Bill de Blasio, the people will either turn to the same failed policies or they’ll recognize their best days were under Rudy Giuliani and the GOP.