Sauli Niinisto

WWIII Precursor: Finland’s President Threatens Russia With Imminent NATO Membership Application

First, the disclaimers upfront. I’m not an apologist for Vladimir Putin. I am not a Russian supporter. It’s sad that such things need to be stated considering the years I have spent opposing Putin and treating Russia as the long-time enemy that they are, but some readers are new.

With all that said, the one major red line Russia has drawn for decades is the line NATO and Eastern European countries seem determined to cross at every opportunity. One can make a clear argument that Putin’s war in Ukraine would never have happened if NATO hadn’t pretended to entertain the idea of letting Ukraine join. Now, we’re seeing another nation that borders Russia telling them they’re going to try to join NATO as well.

According to Fox News:

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Saturday that the country plans to apply for NATO membership in the next few days. In a release, Niinisto’s office said that he had stressed how Russian demands late last year aiming at preventing countries from joining NATO had “altered the security environment of Finland.”

“The conversation was direct and straight-forward and it was conducted without aggravations,” Niinisto said in a statement. “Avoiding tensions was considered important.”

The Kremlin’s press service said in a statement that Putin responded that Finland’s abandonment “of its traditional policy of military neutrality would be an error since there are no threats to Finland’s security.”

“Such a change in the country’s foreign policy could negatively affect Russian-Finnish relations, which had been built in the spirit of good neighborliness and partnership for many years, and were mutually beneficial,” the statement added.

This adds more evidence to the increasingly popular theory that the wars, rumors of wars, and pretty much every other major event happening in the world today are all manufactured crises to drive us into the waiting hands of the globalist elites as they press forward toward The Great Reset. They require catastrophe and chaos to make their dreams come true and they don’t care how many people are killed along the way.

Russia has been anticipating this and cut off the much-needed energy they’ve been supplying to Finland. According to The Gateway Pundit:

Russia will halt power supply to Finland on Saturday due to lack of payment. According to Reuters, Russian utility Inter RAO will suspend the power supply to Finland due to non-payment since May 6.

The Finnish grid company said it can replace Russian electricity supply by importing more electricity from Sweden. Sweden and Finland are both looking to join NATO.

Russia and NATO have been inching closer to war for months, but the last couple of weeks have seen major escalations. The Military Industrial Complex and their puppetmasters in the New World Order are giddy with excitement.