Biden Baby Formula

The Baby Formula Crisis Isn’t Going Away and Democrats Should Be Even More Worried Than They Are Already

If you had “baby formula crisis” on your list of midterm election issues, then you win the grand prize because none of the rest of us saw it coming. But that’s where we stand with an unprecedented shortage of baby formula made available to America citizens. Of course, illegal aliens apparently do not have the same issues.

With reports coming in that the baby formula crisis may extend into next year and thereby through the midterm elections, some are speculating that this will add to the long list of complaints mothers currently have with the Biden-Harris regime and the Democrat Party in general. This could mean even more difficulties for Democrats and their dwindling midterm election hopes.

According to the Washington Times:

But over the past few months, polls show women have soured on Mr. Biden. While he won’t be on the November ballot, Democrats have been sinking along with him in the eyes of female voters dealing with skyrocketing inflation, gas prices and now a formula shortage.

“That hits home,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. “You can’t get any closer to a suburban woman than making her run all over the place to find baby food. There is nothing that hits that demographic more directly, than not having what your infant needs every day.”

A February poll conducted by Marist and published in collaboration with NPR and PBS Newshour found that 45% of suburban women surveyed said they approved of President Biden’s job performance, a double-digit decline from a poll taken two months earlier.

A Marist poll taken in late April showed suburban women favored Republicans over Democrats on the economy and slowing inflation, two top voter concerns. Among parents with children under 18, registered voters said they would pick a Republican over a Democrat in November’s congressional election by a nearly 30-point margin, 60% to 32%.

The baby formula shortage may escalate the flight to the GOP among suburban voters and particularly women.

“Inflation and supply chain problems have badly damaged Biden’s public standing and Democratic midterm prospects,” said Ron Faucheux, a pollster and nonpartisan political analyst. “This is particularly true among independents and suburban women, and could get worse if the problems get worse.”

Considering the Biden regime knew about the baby formula shortages months ago, it seems likely this is not another “oops” from DC but a manufactured crisis instead. To Build Back Better, they apparently need to tear it all down first.