Jonathan Choe

Woke Cancel Culture Gets a Journalist’s Scalp as KOMO in Seattle Fires Jonathan Choe for Unbiased Coverage of Proud Boys

A journalist who dared to share an unbiased video of the Proud Boys on Twitter has been fired by a news channel in Seattle after complaints from “woke” viewers and fellow journalists.

We’ve covered journalist Jonathan Choe in the past. He has been a rare voice of reason among radical leftist journalists in Democrat hellhole Seattle. But he didn’t abide by the accepted narrative in corporate media, so the ABC affiliate in the city, KOMO, fired him. His offense: Reporting the unbiased truth about a conservative group instead of inserting leftist spin into the news.

As Adweek reported:

A few weeks ago we reported KOMO reporter Jonathan Choe was being targeted by folks who didn’t like the way he reported on homelessness in Seattle. This morning, he is out at the Seattle ABC affiliate and also facing criticism about his reporting on the hate group the Proud Boys.

Choe was in Olympia, Wash. on Saturday covering a Proud Boys rally and tweeting out a timeline of what was going on.

Choe’s tweets included: “Rally organizers say safety is priority and telling marchers not to engage hecklers,” “Marchers being met with a few hecklers,” and “Taking a knee.” But he raised questions after deleting a tweet featuring a montage of images set to a piece of music called “We’ll Have Our Home Again,” from a group described by The Jewish News of Northern California as “a white separatist, ethno-nationalist men’s club.”

Here’s the “offensive” Tweet:

Jonathan Choe Proud Boys

“THAT’S A WRAP: Proud Boys and other marchers say they will stay on the Capitol Campus in Olympia for a few more hours to mingle and answer questions if anyone is interested in learning more about their cause and mission. @komonews”

Based on THAT Tweet and a video of peaceful protesters, leftists felt Choe was dangerous. KOMO, who is owned by “right-leaning” Sinclair Broadcasting Group, agreed with the cancel culture warriors and let him go.

Is there a point when truth can ever prevail in the corporate media industrial complex? Or is wokeness and cancel culture always going to dictate how organizations like KOMO spin the news?