Sharon Lee

Seattle’s Executive Director of Low Income Housing Asks to Talk to Journalist’s Manager for Asking Basic Questions About Homeless Crisis

The Karen meme manifested in the middle of an interview in Seattle when the city’s Executive Director at the Low Income Housing Institute literally asked to talk to a journalist’s manager over the questions he was asking.

KOMO’s Jonathan Choe was talking to LIHI’s Sharon Lee about garbage, bicycles, and other debris being strewn around businesses and residences near tiny home villages set up by the city. Shop owners have been complaining about how their property is getting trashed by people being kept by the city in little “houses” near their businesses, but the city’s response has been minimal.


Seattle has become the epitome of woke governance failures in recent years as Democrats turn the once-proud city in a hellhole. Money continues to be thrown at their problems, but things continue to deteriorate for Seattle residents.