While Vax-Pushers Clown on Dak Prescott, They Ignore His Very Valid Point

While Vax-Pushers Clown on Dak Prescott, They Ignore His Very Valid Point

When Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott declined to share his vaccine status with the press, ridicule followed. It wasn’t the standard “anti-vaxxer” shaming attacks that follow anyone who either admits to not taking the Covid-19 injections or who declines to share their personal data. In this instance, Prescott made a technical mistake.

There’s no need to share any of the juvenile reactions to his invocation of “HIPAA.” The clowning was oftentimes brutal and occasionally vulgar. But as the vaccine pushers have fun with the NFL star’s honest mistake — one that many can and have made — they’re ignoring the point he’s trying to make.

It’s none of their business. Not the press. Not the public. Not you. Not me.

If his employers, which technically he has two between the Cowboys and the National Football League, want to determine his vaccinated status, they can. And they will. While the Cowboy’s team policy is relatively vague, the NFL has made it crystal clear they’re going to be one of the most draconian vaccine pushing organizations in the nation. Some teams are embracing it, such as the Minnesota Vikings who fired a coach yesterday for not getting vaccinated. Others are maintaining their players’ and coach’s privacy. Either way, the NFL itself is cracking down as hard as it can without getting into the legal nightmare of mandating vaccines to all players. With individual teams in different states with different policies and a players’ union that will demand compensation for the burden, the NFL has gone as far as it can go.

Prescott’s message was that he wants everyone other than his family, doctors, and employers to remain firmly out of his private medical affairs. That’s his prerogative whether HIPAA applies or not. In the United States, citizens are free to make medical decisions as we see fit and to broadcast them or keep them private. Like the left often says, “my body, my choice.”

Of course, the powers-that-be are trying to change that as well with the Delta Variant rising, but I digress…

If Dak Prescott wants to get a Covid-19 injection, that’s up to him. If he wants to share his decision with the public, that’s up to him as well. If either of those choices are taken away, we will no longer be a nation of free people.