Vikings Fire Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison for Not Getting Vaxxed

Vikings Fire Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison for Not Getting Vaxxed

The NFL has become one of the most outspoken organizations in the country when it comes to demanding everyone get “vaccinated” for Covid-19, and that’s saying a lot. Now, one of the teams has fired their offensive line coach for refusing to take the jab.

Minnesota Vikings offensive line coach Rick Dennison is out after choosing to not be injected by the experimental drugs known as Covid-19 “vaccines.”

According to Barstool Sports:

It’s getting real now folks. Very very real. He may be the first but it’s hard for me to believe he’ll be the last. The vaccine is currently required for all “Tier 1 Staff” which includes coaches, front office executives, equipment managers and scouts but it is not required for players. However as it came out yesterday there will be very severe consequences for outbreaks amongst non vaccinated players.

The article was referring to yesterday’s announcement by the league that games that cannot be played due to unvaccinated outbreaks of Covid-19 will be forfeited. Meanwhile, any games prevented by outbreaks of Covid-19 for the vaccinated will be rescheduled. It’s a double-standard based solely on the healthcare choices of individuals. It is draconian and un-American. As we reported yesterday, one player reacted negatively to the news:

NFL Superstar DeAndre Hopkins Questions His Future as League Imposes Draconian ‘Vaccine’ Penalties

The NFL is “woke,” and that’s bad enough. It’s a league that excuses violent crimes by its players but treats any of them who are unvaccinated like demons. Now, the Vikings fired a coach over his health choice. In short, the NFL is evil.