Wendy’s Wins the Internet in Mocking of Mark Zuckerberg’s Ridiculous “Rebranding” of Fascistbook . . .

Facebook, aka Fascistbook, is under so many scandals that CEO Mark Zuckerberg thought it might be a good idea to “rebrand” the embattled social media giant that is infamous for banning any speech that defies the Communist Party line, including banning President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Wendy’s is one of the most successful fast-food restaurants in American history, and, if you follow their social media, has one of the snarkiest Twitter accounts on the planet. So, of course, they couldn’t resist the opportunity to pounce on Zuckerberg’s ridiculous rebranding of Fascistbook.

The new name? Meta

As in, Metaverse? Like they’re taking over the universe? This is straight out of Austin Powers which makes Wendy’s tweet even more delicious.

On Thursday, Wendy’s announced the troll of all trolls, that they were changing their name to “Meat”:

Bonus: This has to be triggering to the globalists’ anti-meat movement, the same globalists who want you to eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy about it.

Of course, some humorless leftist came to Zuckerberg’s rescue, claiming they didn’t get the humor:

But Wendy’s wouldn’t let it go. Their response was GOLD:

Wendy’s for the win and Mark Zuckerberg is sufficiently mocked.