WATCH: Rep. Byron Donalds Crushes Ex-Twitter Fascist Yoel Roth During Congressional Hearing on Censorship

Representative Byron Donalds (R-Florida) grilled ex-Twitter officials on Wednesday about the suppression of tweets during the 2020 Presidential Election cycle.

In the opening exchange, Donalds point-blank asks Vijaya Gadde, former general counsel and head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter, “I want to paraphrase what I heard earlier, Twitter had no contact with anybody from the Biden Team, is that correct to your knowledge?”

Gadde responded with “Not to my knowledge”. Donalds then produces a large blow-up showing an email from the Biden team explicitly asking for select tweets to be taken down.

Again, Donalds asks Gadde and Roth directly, “Does anybody have a comment on how much interaction was happening with the Biden team at Twitter with respect to tweets that they wanted Twitter to review, Ms. Gadde, Mr. Roth?” Gadde claimed she wasn’t familiar with the email at all and Roth stated he was only familiar with what was reported in the “Twitter Files”.

Roth stated he had no interaction with the Biden Team because they explicitly separated the ‘teams’ that would interact with campaigns from teams like his that were responsible for ‘content moderation’.

Donalds ask how many tweets had been flagged and taken down at the behest of the Biden Team. Roth’s answer: “I wouldn’t agree with the characterization of it as being at the behest of them, these tweets were reported and Twitter independently evaluated them under its rule.”

DONALDS: “The email is very clear, more to review from the Biden Team and the response from Twitter 3 hours later was “HANDLED””.

Roth’s response: “My understanding is that these tweets contained ‘nonconsensual nude photos on Hunter Biden’ and they were removed by the company….”

“HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE! How could he know so much about the content of the tweets that are literally just web addresses???? How can he commit to memory web addresses of tweets he knows nothing about????,” Donalds inquired.