Watch_ Donald Trump Addresses Mike Lindell's Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin

Watch: Donald Trump Addresses Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin

President Trump made a special video appearance live at the Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin today. He discussed the fraudulent 2020 election, of course, and rallied the crowd behind the MAGA message and ongoing movement.

He mentioned how Democrats are fighting with everything they have in order to stop audits and recounts. He and millions of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Democrats and their proxies in the GOP as well as mainstream media.

“They don’t want recounts,” he said. “They don’t want forensic audits in particular.”

He then went through and pointed out the various fake news stories that have since been proven false. From claims that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian scam to the so-called “photo op” at Lafayette Park, he detailed things that were spoken as gospel from mainstream media, only to be proven wrong.

He did mention vaccines, which he often does, but tempered it for this particular audience by expressing support for health choice. Lindell is famously against the Covid-19 vaccines.

Trump then went on to hammer Joe Biden and the border crisis. “All he had to do was nothing” and the border would still be secure. Instead, Trump said it’s the worst it has ever been with illegal immigration.

Lindell’s event included some big names like Dinesh D’Souza and Charlie Kirk. Those who want to support Lindell as well as The Liberty Daily can go to MyPillow and use promo code “TLD” for the best discounts available.

Some are looking forward to what President Trump will do next. Others are hoping the audits will result in having him back in office sooner rather than later. Either way, it’s good to see him upbeat and ready to keep fighting.