Did Danish Soccer Star Christian Ericksen Take Pfizer Vaccine 12 Days Before Collapsing on Field_

Did Danish Soccer Star Christian Ericksen Take Pfizer Vaccine 12 Days Before Collapsing on Field? [Updated]

Mixed contradictory reports are coming in that Denmark and Inter Milan soccer star Christian Eriksen took the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine 12-days prior to collapsing on the field today during a match. He required a cardiac massage on the field. The story regarding Eriksen’s recent alleged vaccination comes from Citizen Free Press. We have not been able to corroborate the story elsewhere at this time.

The initial Tweet that claimed “Inter Milan Chief Medic and Cardiologist” confirmed on Radio Sportiva that Eriksen took the vaccine on May 31 has been refuted by Radio Sportiva’s Twitter account. It appears that Inter Milan does not have anyone listed as a team “cardiologist.”

It does seem likely that professional athletes like Eriksen would have taken the vaccine or are in the process of doing so now. We also know the CDC is investigating heart inflammation in young, otherwise healthy males shortly after taking the vaccines. With that said, we have seen no other reports that have remained live other than the Tweet by @Michael52018513.

Update: The team doctor, Piero Volpi, said during a May 18 interview (translated): “In the next championship the players will continue to be monitored. But at the start everyone will be vaccinated.” That is not definitive that Eriksen was already vaccinated, but it’s conspicuous that in a statement he released today, he mentioned that Eriksen had not contracted Covid-19 nor did he have known preexisting conditions. What he did not mention is his vaccinated status. According to VOA News:

Volpi added that Eriksen never contracted COVID-19, has no medical conditions that he’s aware of and has passed every medical exam without problem since joining Inter in January 2020 from Tottenham.

“But we’ll talk about that when the time is right,” Volpi added of Eriksen’s medical history. “Right now, the important thing is that he recovers.”

We will continue to monitor and will update this post as more information comes in.