Yordan Alvarez hospitalized

Was it the Jabs? Astros All-Star Yordan Alvarez Hospitalized During Game With Common Covid “Vaccine” Adverse Reaction

Another day, another mysterious ailment takes out a young and otherwise healthy elite athlete. At least this time nobody died.

Astros All-Star left-fielder Yordan Alvarez experienced “shortness of breath” that prompted him to leave the field and go to the dugout before being transported to the hospital. According to Western Journal:

Alvarez departed the game under his own power with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning. There was a pause in the action when Braves rookie Vaughn Grissom fouled a ball off his foot and was being tended to by a trainer.

That’s when Alvarez, who is batting .295 with 31 homers and 77 RBIs, made his break for the Houston dugout.

“He’s being analyzed by the doctors,” Baker said. “They said all his vitals are good. He’s feeling normal but he still has to see our doctor. He had shortness of breath, and then when they shot the fireworks off, the smoke kind of made it worse.

“I’m glad we got him out when we did because I looked up and he was in the dugout and it was kind of a scary moment because it could be anything, but they said he’s doing fine at the moment.”

The Mayo Clinic lists “shortness of breath” as a common adverse reaction to the Covid-19 jabs.

As we often note, there are no indications of Covid vaccines playing a role in the ailment because there are NEVER indications of Covid vaccines playing a role. It’s a question that’s never asked and nobody’s volunteering up the information despite the fact that so many healthy athletes have been experiencing unexplained health issues, including a sharp rise in deaths, ever since the jabs were rolled out.

We choose to post the stories and ask the questions. We don’t expect answers because so few doctors are willing to risk their livelihood in order to tell the truth or protect their patients. But we’ll keep asking nonetheless.

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