Was it the Jabs

Was it the Jabs? 15-Year-Old High School Football Player Dies After “Falling Ill” on the Sidelines

Another young and otherwise healthy athlete has collapsed and died during a sporting event. This time, it’s a 15-year-old football player who died after “falling ill” on the sidelines of a junior varsity  game. According to The Epoch Times:

The junior varsity team from Windsor Forest High School was playing Monday night when on-site emergency responders rushed to help one of its players, the Savannah-Chatham County school district said in a news release. It said the player was pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital, but gave no further details about what happened.

Chatham County Coroner David Campbell identified the player as 15-year-old Keshaun Allen, local news outlets reported. He said an autopsy was planned to determine the cause of death. School officials said the student had played earlier in the game, but had rotated out before needing medical attention.

The events that have concerned many of us appear to be happening. As some have been warning for two years, the verified damage done to the heart by the Covid-19 “vaccines” can create a ticking timebomb in our bodies. People of all ages may never experience a single symptom before strenuous physical activity causes various emergency medical conditions.

The cause of death is currently unknown, but it’s safe to assume that standard operating procedure from corporate media will apply to this case. Based on their reporting, there are no incidents of anyone succumbing to adverse reactions to the jabs. Even if the autopsy determines this was a vaccine-related death, corporate media will decline to cover it.

This is why we continue to ask the question. “Was it the jabs?” It’s unfortunate that we have to continue asking and speculating in an attempt to counter the false narrative coming out of corporate media, but until they start asking the question it’s our duty to do their jobs.

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