Brian Kilmeade

The Republican Wing of the UniParty Swamp Got Exposed so Their Media Shills Are Literally Shaking

In my years following conservative and alternative media, I’ve split every member into one of two groups. Some are UniParty Swamp shills. Others are actual truthtellers and patriots. Fox News and the vast majority of their show hosts fall into the former category.

This is why some of them are apoplectic following the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Their moderate RINO golden boy was supposed to bring back Establishment control of the GOP, both ideologically and governmentally. Instead, he failed to fulfill very basic promises that he made nine months ago to secure his position in the first place.

They wanted the Ryan-Boehner-Romney-Bush GOP to rise and for MAGA to fade away. McCarthy was supposed to do that, but now their dream is stunted. Instead of licking their wounds and conspiring to promote the next RINO supervillain, they’re lashing out at the eight patriots who stood up to McCarthy on behalf of America and their constituents.

One such target is Tim Burchett, a Congressman from Tennessee. He went on with Fox News Swamp-shill Brian Kilmeade to discuss what transpired and to look ahead to brighter days for the Republican-controlled House and the nation. The interview started off cordially enough, but half-way into it Kilmeade became obnoxious. It got to the point that he could barely contain his spite toward the anti-McCarthy eight, continuously asking vitriolic questions before cutting Burchett off.

During one comical moment in the interview, Kilmeade interrupted Burchett while he was talking about being interrupted every time he spoke. Watch:

This is just another example of why Fox News is failing despite being clearly on top of cable news when Tucker Carlson was still there.

Brian Kilmeade isn’t a bad journalist. He’s not like Rachel Maddow or Jim Acosta who built their followings by being entertainingly horrible. Kilmeade is simply mediocre as a host with an average intellect. He gets his talking points from his Swamp handlers.