White Supremacist Tweet

Virginia’s Desperate, Dastardly, Devious Democrats Pose as White Supremacists to Smear Glenn Youngkin

Oh, those silly Democrats. Haven’t they learned that the internet is smarter than they are? A group of young Democrats in Virginia learned it the hard way when they posed as white supremacists supporting Republican Glenn Youngkin in an effort to help the failing campaign of Terry “McAwful” McAuliffe.

They wore sunglasses to hide their identities, but it didn’t take long for Twitter sleuths to identify them as the false flag instigators that they are.

This stunt was, at the very least, known by the McAuliffe campaign, perhaps even orchestrated by them. We suspect this because McAuliffe’s comms director retweeted it within minutes of it getting posted. According to Guy Benson at Townhall:

Right on cue, a top McAuliffe aide blasted out the tweet, treating the stunt as if it were genuine, and as if there isn’t a 99 percent likelihood that this crew isn’t comprised of McAuliffe supporters:

White Supremacist Tweet

Question: If it’s your own supporters who are responsible for this, for whom is it “disqualifying,” Jen?  Team Blue is desperate, and they’re resorting to some of the ugliest and most cartoonish race-baiting I can recall.

McAuliffe finds himself trailing Youngkin in most polls despite maintaining a lead since the beginning of his campaign. Recent admissions that he does not want parents involved in their children’s education combined with generally unhinged leftist policy proposals have sent many, especially Independents, fleeing his side for Youngkin’s.

The election is next week and seems poised to be consequential beyond the governor’s race. Many are looking at it as a bellwether for the 2022 midterm elections. Virginia has been purple leaning blue for the last few years. Is it ready to turn red again with the failures of the McAuliffe campaign driving people to the right?

If the campaign was involved in this hoax, it will mark another misstep in a string of horrible moves made by the campaign in the final days. Early yesterday, news broke that McAuliffe had hired election lawsuit specialist Marc Elias, signaling the campaign believes they will lose and will try to reverse the decision after the fact. Later that day, the campaign was caught trying to “kill” the story, but accidentally included Fox News in the reply.

How campaigns are run often indicates how an administration would be run. If Terry McAuliffe somehow wins in Virginia, the state will be in big trouble if his campaign follies are any indicator.