Paris Tear Gas

Video: Emmanuel Macron Unleashes Tear Gas on Peaceful Protesters, Random Families in Paris

Governments around the world are heading in two directions. Some are following the science, listening to the people, and succumbing to demands for freedom. Others are doubling- and tripling-down on their authoritarian rule. In Canada, the police have been militarized to deal with protesters.

But it appears things are even worse in Paris, France, where President Emmanuel Macron has had police unleash tear gas on protesters. The attacks have bled over to non-participant citizens with families in cafes getting hit with the gas. Watch:

Café employees can be seen scrambling to close the doors of the indoor-outdoor venue. Then, police in riot gear can be seen rushing through to deal with unruly protesters fighting for their rights to medical freedom.

Things are getting crazy out there, folks. What we see in Europe may be what we see in American in the near future if we do not put an end to medical tyranny immediately.