Canada Military Police

Soy Boy Truedope Sends Police With Military Equipment to Take Down Peaceful Canadian Border Bridge Protesters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting desperate. The soft-on-crime radical leftist has tried every name-calling and gaslighting tool available to him, but the multiple trucker convoys and citizen blockades have shown no signs of slowing down.

The fascist Canadian government has even made several moves to block funds from reaching the truckers, including having TD Bank seize their funds. Nothing’s working. The protesters against the draconian vaccine mandates are standing tall, so Trudeau has escalated the situation despite the horrible optics it creates.

They’ve even sent in snipers for support.

What makes this so infuriating is that this is all about ego and control. Many western nations have already begun lifting restrictions, including vaccine passports and mandates, as Omicron proves to be less deadly than the flu. But if Trudeau gives in now, he’s acknowledging that his iron grip on Canada isn’t as strong as he wants people to believe. At this point, anything other than a surrender by the truckers will harm him politically.

For a narcissist like Trudeau, nothing is worse than more people realizing how weak and insignificant he really is.

The global cabal to subjugate the people through universal jabs is hitting roadblocks around the globe. Canada’s stalwart protesters are showing us all the way. We must support them in any way possible.