VAXX Mandate Hits Amtrak Hard Even With Massive Percentage of Jabbed Employees

VAXX Mandate Hits Amtrak Hard Even With Massive Percentage of Jabbed Employees

Joe Biden’s federal employee vaccine mandate is hitting infrastructure in one of its most vulnerable points: passenger rail. Amtrak announced today that they will not be able to sustain the current levels of service and will have to reduce frequency of passenger trains running, particularly long-distance routes.

This comes despite having 94% of their employees already vaccinated. But a 6% drop in labor combined with oddities in the economy are enough to prompt the action. According to Breitbart:

Amtrak on Thursday revealed plans to reduce services in 2022 over its employees’ defiance of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

As Amtrak attempts to meet Biden’s mandate of forcing 100 percent of federal government contractors to be fully vaccinated, the railroad company’s president, Stephen Gardner, told the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee the business will need to reduce service frequency, primarily among its long distance lines. Gardner said:

We anticipate that we will not initially have enough employees to operate all the trains we are currently operating when the federal mandate takes effect. Achieving full service levels, while complying with the vaccination requirement and continuing to prioritize the safety of our customers and employees, is our goal.

Gardner told the committee 94 percent of his employees are vaccinated. That number does not include those on leave of absence or approved accommodation.

“We hope that all employees who have already received one vaccination dose, which all employees are required to receive as of today, will be fully vaccinated by January 4,” Gardner added.

Gardner told the committee Amtrak agreed to participate in Biden’s mandate in August but were already under stress keeping services in operation due to employees who left the company amid large pandemic unemployment benefits.

The last thing we need is further economic turmoil caused by poor decisions stemming from the pandemic. Unfortunately, every decision from the regime focuses on Covid and they seem to make the wrong choice each time.