Let's Go Brandon Boat

Unhinged Censorship of “Let’s Go Brandon” Accelerates With Two New Asinine Examples

Our readers remember how mainstream media, woke businesses, and even the Trump administration allowed free speech to prevail whenever anyone wanted to express negative opinions about President Trump. We didn’t like the messaging, but we supported the right to speak freely even if we wholeheartedly disagreed with what they were saying.

That was then. This is now. The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has been systematically attacked by the same media and businesses that didn’t mind “F*** Trump” messaging. As for the Biden regime, they’re pressuring everyone to make “Let’s Go Brandon” anathema in discourse or any forms of expression.

The latest examples from today are utterly ludicrous. It boggles the mind to think that an innocuous phrase is banned so readily, but that’s America in 2021. First, there’s the winner of the boat parade who was stripped of a win over the message:

“Let’s Go Brandon” Boat Wins VA Boat Parade–Then It Gets Taken Away For “Overt Political Message”

“Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t going anywhere.

A boat with “FJB” and “Let’s Go Brandon” written on the side won a boat parade in Yorktown, Virginia.

The boat was later disqualified for having an “overt political message.”

The next example is even more hypocritical as it’s not even something that is displayed widely to the public. Personalized golf balls made by Titleist may not have the taboo phrase printed on them:

Titleist bans customers from personalizing golf balls with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ message but allows ‘Kill Trump’

Customers are banned from personalizing Titleist golf balls with the anti-Biden slogan “Let’s Go Brandon.” The golf equipment company alleges that the popular rallying cry against President Joe Biden is forbidden because the saying is “inconsistent” with Titleist’s “values or brand identity.”

Yep, it’s time to get our balls elsewhere.

For those who love the phrase and appreciate free speech, you can always get your “Let’s Go Brandon” mugs or Christmas tree ornaments here.