Lauren Boebert

UniParty Swamp Action: Here Are the 147 Republicans Who Voted in Favor of Freedom-Busting FISA Extension

RINOs in the UniParty Swamp on Capitol Hill scored a huge win against the American people on Friday by passing the National Defense Authorization Act with an extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act intact. Only 118 Republicans in the House and 35 Republicans in the Senate opposed extending FISA.

This was a major setback for freedom-loving Americans, not just because it extends the Deep State’s power to surveil American citizens but also because some notable liberty-minded Republicans were on the list of those approving the extension.

Was your Representative on the list? Here it is:


According to Discern Report:

The temporary extension in question belongs to the surveillance capabilities under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which was slated to expire at year’s end and have now been renewed through April 2024.

Utah GOP Senator Mike Lee led a robust effort to axe this extension, despite facing defeat.

Notably, a group of thirty-five senators, featuring Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul, rallied behind him. However, the movement fell short of the forty-one votes needed to successfully exclude the provision.

A warrantless surveillance mechanism provided for by Section 702 targets non-Americans overseas, a point of sensitive debate because the provision has, despite failed promises from the likes of the FBI to stop, caused surveillance of US citizens.

If you still think voting for Republicans will save this nation, think again. Until we start voting for America First, patriotic constitutional conservatives to win the primaries, a majority of the Republicans we send to Capitol Hill are just the lesser of two evils. At this stage in American history, we need a total revamp or all will be lost.

Once again, this proves the primary elections are everything.