Paul Gosar

As FISA Extension Proves, Primary Season Is EVERYTHING

Another day, another betrayal by the Republican wing of the UniParty Swamp. The House overwhelmingly passed the NDAA and failed to strip out the extension of FISA domestic spying. Oddly, Senate Republicans actually did a better job of attempting to stop it than their House partners. Both still failed to do the will of their constituents and defend the Constitution.

Rather than write up a long rant about what needs to be done to reform the party or to hold our elected officials accountable, I’m going to cut to the chase. The primaries are EVERYTHING. Another election in which we’re forced to choose between the lesser of two evils in legislative races could be the end of our nation. We need America First constitutional conservatives. Having the letter (R) next to the name is not enough.

Fortunately, this is a presidential election year so the vast majority of attention by media, donors, and voters will be spent on the top of the ticket. This is an opportunity for patriots to have a greater impact on down ballot races during the primaries. Less money and effort will be spent propping up RINO legislative candidates so if we’re selective with our support and we loudly voice our opinions, we have a chance of putting fellow patriots on the general election ballots.

Electability MUST be tossed out the window for three very important reasons. First and foremost, the electability argument always favors moderates yet the reality of the votes rarely reflect this. It’s a false narrative that true conservatives have less of a chance of winning the general election.

Second, the gap between Democrat and Republican members of the UniParty Swamp is minimal. The NDAA is a perfect example of how unified the Swamp Members are on important issue. Ukraine is another one. We must fight during the primaries to prevent Swamp Members from advancing. Otherwise, we’re stuck with the aforementioned lesser of two evils.

Third, the messaging and momentum driven by nominees translates into a direction for the party as a whole. If “normie” Republicans see that moderate candidates perform better, those normies are more likely to shift their own views to match. If bold and courageous patriots are winning primaries and driving the narrative, their boldness and courage will be contagious within the base. Donald Trump proved this, of course, but so have legislators like Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and Paul Gosar.

Every election, we get to hear talking heads tell us this is the most important vote of our lifetimes. But for the first time in my lifetime, I believe that the old talking point may finally be true. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, wresting away power from the UniParty Swamp in the legislature may be the difference between returning our country to its proper state or losing it altogether.

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