Three Narratives that MUST Be Debunked Following the Rittenhouse Verdict

Three Narratives that MUST Be Debunked Following the Rittenhouse Verdict

Today, for at least a part of it, we celebrate. Justice was not swayed by the ugly demands of mob rule or threats of domestic terrorism as Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges, just as he should have been. As many commentators said in the months leading up to the trial, he should never have been charged in the first place. He was, and therefore anything that happens going forward is a direct result of a vindictive, politically minded district attorney’s office that craved the spotlight more than justice.

Unfortunately, the celebration for the delivery of a young man to the freedom he deserves will be short-lived. Under normal circumstances, I would mark this down as “the jury has spoken” and recommend that we do not allow the left to relitigate this in the court of public opinion. This case is anything but normal, so we’re stuck with carrying on the discussion far beyond the jury’s righteous verdict. We can celebrate now, but soon we have to get back to work.

There are three narratives that are already stemming from the verdict that must be fought with everything we’ve got. The left, backed by most in government, all of mainstream media, and the lion’s share of Big Tech commentary, are attempting to use the verdict as a springboard from which they can launch their agendas. We must debunk the narratives swiftly, firmly, and repetitively to mitigate damage done to our rights.

Yes, they’re going to try to use the Rittenhouse verdict to come after all of us. Here’s what they’re going to do and what we must do to stop them.

False Narrative #1: This Is About White Supremacy

The left has been able to accumulate some of the most talented magicians in the world. You can take a deck of cards and no matter how well you shuffle it, magicians on the left will somehow always be able to pick out the Race Card to play.

Kyle Rittenhouse is White. The two men he killed were White. The other man he shot is White. The only racial factor in any of this is that the predicate for the riots in Kenosha last year was the shooting of Jacob Blake, who is Black. Blake went to the home of one of his sexual assault victims, resisted arrest, presented a weapon, and was shot by police as a result. His situation was clearly not racially biased either.

Therefore, the only thing that could possibly tie this to “white supremacy” is the fact that the justified shooting of a Black man prompted the domestic terrorism that led to White men getting shot by another White man.

This isn’t about racism. It’s not about White Supremacy. This is about justice being served instead of social justice, and that’s what has the left’s khakis so chapped.

False Narrative #2: If Laws Couldn’t Convict Kyle Rittenhouse Then Laws Must Change

This is the gungrabbing play that I’ve been concerned most about for years. Any shooting event gives Democrats a platform upon which they can try to convince people their right to self-defense in opposition to personal or government tyranny can be superseded by someone else’s right to not feel uncomfortable. The latter is not a right, of course, but the left really wants us to believe it is.

It was the proper adjudication of a young man based on the laws that led to his acquittal. That does not mean the laws are in need of fixing, but the left will try to paint it as such. They will say something to the effect of, “If a 17-year-old can murder people on the streets with no consequences, then the laws must be changed.”

This false narrative is one that will be hammered by mainstream media for weeks. Democrat lawmakers are already screaming about it in an attempt to focus verdict-inspired anger towards a tangible recourse through new gun laws. It will be successful to some extent; we can expect new laws to pop up at the local level if not higher. How many and how severe those new laws are can be affected by how adamant our opposition to them is.

This case has always been about a combination of social justice and putting the 2nd Amendment on trial. They “lost” this round but don’t think for a moment that they’re not pleased by this “loss.” They were banking on it. They’ve prepped us for the last two weeks with a combination of mainstream media propaganda and Big Tech censorship. They want the narrative of “vigilante justice” to be in everyone’s mind so they can use it against our right to defend ourselves. We must not let them make this narrative stick.

False Narrative #3: “Mostly Peaceful Protesters” Who Are “Rightfully Outraged”

The domestic terrorists are going to come out tonight in cities across America. They will be there over the weekend. They will try to be there all next week and they will do whatever they can to turn the Rittenhouse verdict into a greater predicate for violence and mayhem than the death of George Floyd.

I don’t know how successful they will be, but even a modicum of success will have mainstream media plugging away at their defense. They won’t use the tainted term “mostly peaceful protesters” anymore. Instead, they will claim that the violence that comes is “righteous” based upon the “understandable outrage” among the people.

Their outrage is not understandable. It’s manufactured. It isn’t righteous. It’s evil. The destruction of property and violence that ensues must be called out for exactly what it is: Domestic terrorism. We won’t get help from many politicians as even most Republicans will avoid calling the terrorism what it is. Some will, and their words should be echoed. As for the rest of us, we must make sure the proper characterization of the domestic terrorism that is coming is spread far and wide.

The only positive part in all of this, other than Rittenhouse being rightly acquitted, is that thanks to the chaos from last summer, the appetite for “protesters” causing damage will likely not be as high. Hopefully, the people will stand up to these bullies and do what is necessary to protect their cities. Hopefully, law enforcement will be given the resources to stop the violence. Any place that doesn’t meet this with appropriate police presence and properly allotted use of force should hold their elected leaders accountable.

Our work isn’t done. In fact, it’s just getting ramped up. The left will use every tool in their toolbox to prolong the domestic terrorism that rises from the verdict. We must fight the narratives, stop the agendas, and bring the violence to an end.