Mob Rule Denied: Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted!

Despite threats by domestic terrorists to burn down Kenosha and other cities in America, the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial sided with the truth. Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges.


Kudos to the brave men and women of the jury who did not bend to mob rule. Admittedly, I did not expect this outcome. I knew with a certainty that a jury that wasn’t being hovered over by the specter of domestic terrorism would have acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on the first day, but as deliberation dragged out I feared that mob rule was victorious. I’m quite happy that I was wrong.

Now, the next round of the battle begins. This will be used as the predicate for a massive push for gun control. Democrats will claim something to the effect of, “If our laws allow a 17-year-old to murder people on the street without consequence, then we need to change the laws.”

Stand tall, Americans. They will be coming after our firearms more tenaciously than ever. This is more fuel to add to their fire than any mass shooting or accidental gun discharge. This was a case litigated in public view, and the gungrabbers will try to use it against us.

Today, we celebrate as justice prevailed over mob rule. But tomorrow, we must go back to work in defending our rights from those who will use this verdict for their nefarious agendas.