They Got Away With It

Justice has not been served.

Michael Sussmann, the corrupt attorney for Hillary Clinton who helped oversee the Russiagate hoax, was found not guilty of lying to the FBI.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann was found not guilty Tuesday on the false statements charge of concealing his representation of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign from the FBI when he pushed since debunked Trump-Russia claims to the bureau in 2016.

The verdict is a significant loss for John Durham’s investigation of the investigators, with the special counsel losing the first case that he has brought to trial.

Sussmann, a former Perkins Coie lawyer who represented the Democratic National Committee when it was hacked in 2016, was acquitted after a two week trial in May after being charged with lying to the FBI about who he was representing when, in September 2016, he pushed claims of a since-debunked link between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa-Bank.

Conservatives on Twitter were not happy:

Alex Bruesewitz: Of course Sussman was found ‘not guilty’ in a DC court. The Swamp protects itself. However, the American people know the TRUTH. The Russian Collusion HOAX was an attempted coup.

Mollie Hemingway: Corporate media downplayed Sussman trial while its testimony confirmed their own corruption, and that of Clinton and FBI. Now that he’s (as expected) been acquitted, tweets aplenty! they were and are active co-conspirators in one of greatest political scandals in our history.

John Cardillo: Is anyone shocked the Sussman jury was rigged? Clear cut guilt, but a DC jury gave him a pass because he played for the right team.

Greg Price: BREAKING: Former Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann not guilty of lying to the FBI when he told them he was not working on behalf of any client when he presented the Trump/Alpha Bank hoax. Zero people have been convicted for their role in Russia hoax.

Curtis Houck: If a Trump lawyer were to be tried in a scheme similar to how Michael Sussmann was charged with lying to the FBI and faced a D.C. jury, the trial would be held in Fulton County, PA where Trump got 85.5% in 2020.

Bonchie (RedState): DC jury strikes again. The judge literally allowed jurors who claimed they could not be impartial in dealing with Donald Trump. If you are a Dem, you aren’t getting convicted there. Didn’t matter that Durham had literal receipts showing Sussmann was working for Hillary.

Rob Schmitt: How is it even possible that Sussman is not guilty.

As Kyle Becker noted at Becker News, the evidence against Sussmann seemed pretty rock-solid:

However, Sussmann had acted on behalf of the Clinton campaign. He even billed the campaign on the day of the Baker meeting.

“Billing records presented by the prosecution in Michael Sussmann’s false-statement trial indicate that Sussmann charged the Clinton campaign for work on the day he met with then-FBI general counsel James Baker in 2016 to present evidence of alleged backchannel communications between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank,” National Review reported.

Donald Trump exploded at the court testimony’s revelations proving that the Clinton campaign had set him up.

This is a huge blow to John Durham’s investigation. Some are saying it may be over as this was supposed to be the building block from which he could go after bigger fish. Now, it seems that the investigation into corruption by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee may be all but done.