The 'Epsilon' Strain_ How Long Until Covid Fearmongers Run Out of Greek Letters_

The ‘Epsilon’ Strain: How Long Until Covid Fearmongers Run Out of Greek Letters?

You’ve probably heard of the “Delta Variant” of Covid-19. You might have heard of the “Gamma Variant” that popped up in the news earlier this week. Now, they’re touting the vaccine-fighting-skills of the “Epsilon Variant,” making eight versions of the coronavirus named from the Greek alphabet.

There are 24 Greek letters, so they’re 1/3rd of the way there.

How long can this possibly last? We know Covid-19 has been overblown when considering the disease has such an astronomical recovery rate for anyone under the age of 60. And now we have reason to believe the bulk of the deaths that have been attributed to Covid-19 weren’t really caused by the disease.

According to National File‘s Patrick Howley, this is going to continue indefinitely.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist or anti-vaxxer to realize the strong likelihood that we’re all being played like fiddles. The powers-that-be have an agenda that includes totalitarian control and ubiquitous vaccinations. If these accusations prove to be correct, then Howley is correct. They’re going to continue to manufacture as much fear as possible to minimize the number of people they will have to incarcerate or kill for not complying with upcoming vaccine mandates.

Now is not the time to dismiss any of this. One needs only look at the actions of the Biden regime, Big Tech, mainstream media, academia, and other minions of the Principalities and Powers to realize their agenda must be fought with all that we can muster.