Tucker Carlson Reveals the Median Age of Death from Covid is OLDER than Average Life Expectancy

Tucker Carlson Reveals the Median Age of Death from Covid is OLDER than Average Life Expectancy

On the day that Joe Biden announced he was going to send government employees door-to-door to get everyone vaccinated, Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid out some interesting facts about Covid-19.

“The data shows that the medium age of death for Covid is often older than life expectancy,” he said. “For real. If you want to get a sense at just how completely they have hyped this virus, turning it into something that the numbers show it is not, take a look, for example, at Ohio.”

He showed the medium age of death from Covid-19 in Ohio is 80 while the average life expectancy in the state is 73. That means that people dying from Covid lived longer than one can expect to live in the state without getting the disease. He continued to show numbers from other parts of the country as well as the United Kingdom. All of the numbers, including the national numbers, showed that throughout 2020 the medium Covid-19-attributed death was higher than what an average person can expect to live.

This is all about hype. It should make any thinking American question just how many of the people who supposedly died from Covid-19 would have died had they not been infected. Did the presence of the coronavirus in their system contribute to the hundreds of thousands of deaths attributed to it? Were a large number of those people who were counted statistically as Covid-19 deaths actually die from other causes or no cause at all other than old age?

The likely answers to these questions are infuriating as the numbers seem to point to a hyped-up conspiracy. To shut down the economy and put the nation in complete lockdown, the powers-that-be needed to hype the “pandemic” up as much as possible. This is why they incentivized medical facilities and nursing homes to count as many people as Covid-19 deaths as possible. They needed us scared and compliant, and unfortunately a huge bulk of the population fell right in line.

Were there people who died from Covid-19? Yes, and we should do what we can as a nation to prevent these deaths just as we should try to prevent any type of death. But as Carlson pointed out, the measures put in place appear to be far more damaging than the disease they were intended to halt.

“Every death is sad, but keep in mind we just stopped Western civilization because of this virus,” he said.

What Carlson didn’t mention for obvious reasons but that needs to be said is this: Our government and ruling bodies across the world used the deaths of as many people as possible to paint Covid-19 as far worse than it ever was. People who died of natural or other causes were labeled as Covid-19 deaths for the sake of pushing an agenda. That may be the most purely evil thing any Western government has done in our lifetimes.

And again, it was all for hype.

“Do you think they hyped Covid a little bit? Ya, they did,” he said. “If the medium age of people dying is older than life expectancy, ya, they hyped it.”

Here’s the segment from Fox News:

They’re not going to stop until everyone is forced to get vaccinated. We must stand strong and defend our rights, our families, and our bodies because the Biden administration is coming for all three.