The 2021 Excellence In Gaslighting Award Goes to Salon for This Absurd Article . . .

The 2021 Excellence In Gaslighting Award Goes to Salon for This Absurd Article . . .

If you think socialism is bad or that there are any redeeming qualities present in conservative Americans, you must be one of those crazy, lying, evil, dumb people. That’s the gist of an article written by Salon‘s Cody Cain titled, “Republicans claim to fear left-wing authoritarianism — but there’s no such thing.”


This isn’t your standard leftwing dribble about how conservatives and/or Republicans are wrong. Cain goes very far off the deep end with extreme gaslighting and profound projection. I often read articles by the ideological left because it’s important to understand their perspectives. We do not all have to agree on the proper course of action in order to recognize merit in each other’s arguments. But somehow Cain was able to write an article devoid of merit, leaving only the most unhinged opinions intact.

For example, Cody believes only a tiny portion of the population actually believes in conservatism, but we still win elections because we cheat.

I’m just going to let that hang there for a minute.

Here are a few paragraphs that open his article. Normally, I’d isolate and emphasize particularly egregious examples of idiocy in journalism, but then the entirety of the article would be emphasized. That’s how utterly absurd this piece of gaslighting is. To be honest, I’m impressed. I didn’t think an article could be this wrong about everything and still get published somewhere other than The Onion.

The meaning today of the “Big Lie” almost always refers to the false claim by Donald Trump and his right-wing cronies that the 2020 presidential election was somehow stolen by the left and Joe Biden, with the help of foreign agents.

Not only is this claim false, it is absurdly false.

This is hardly the first Big Lie from the right. Not even close. The right has been promulgating Big Lies for decades.

In fact, lying is the only way the right wing can win elections. After all, its policies are profoundly unpopular with ordinary people because the right-wing favors the 1% rich over the 99% working and middle classes.

How in the world could 1% of the population ever win elections over the 99%? Simple. The 1% bamboozles the 99%. To win elections, the right must conceal its true intentions from the voters and instead engage in manipulative tactics, like lying and fearmongering.

The lies are not just little lies. They are whoppers. They are the complete opposite of the truth. They are 180 degrees from the truth. They are the polar opposite of the truth, like from the North Pole all the way to the South Pole. Hence the term Big Lie.

Now for the most shocking part about it all. These were some of the most coherent paragraphs in the article. Yes, folks, it gets much worse and as a public service I will not post any more of it, nor will I recommend anyone else read it. We are already dumbed down enough as a nation with reality TV and TikTok. The last thing I want to do is contribute to the death of more brain cells.

The radical left is desperate to make people think their ideas are wrong. Anything short of a full embrace of Neo-Marxism and the lies these people disseminate makes you their enemy.

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels